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Our Professional Locksmiths are experienced solving problems for almost any make and model vehicle.

One of our specialties is making car keys that are guaranteed to work just as well as the dealer's keys, even for electronic or laser keys. We are one of the few locksmiths in Hawaii that can make transponder keys (aka chip keys) as well as program them, boasting the ability to program 98% of the keys on the US market. We are also one of the few locksmiths that cuts laser keys. Our prices are often 50% less than if you get your keys, remote, or fob from the dealer. If you need a duplicate for these types of car keys, come to us and have all work done right here on the island. Don't wait for a dealer to send the key to the mainland!

The Key Guy also repairs car ignitions and services all lockable parts of most any car, truck, van, or motorcycle. If someone attempted to force entry on your door or trunk, call us and we can repair or replace the lock. We can also re-key your vehicle's doors and ignition.

Lost your keys? Can't find the spare? Don't pay to have your vehicle towed! Our locksmiths will drive to your vehicle, and generate a key to fit your existing lock.

When you call Pearl City Locksmith, you are trusting us with your security. Your trust is of the utmost value to our family, and we promise to provide the most honest, reliable service we can. Reach us at 672-2188.

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Pearl City Locksmith's Vehicle Locksmith Services Include:

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